How to put someone on "ignore"

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How to put someone on "ignore" Empty How to put someone on "ignore"

Post  CaseyAnderson on Sat Apr 28, 2012 8:15 pm

Since there is very little moderation on this board, the ignore or "foe" option may be used to avoid individuals whose posts you'd rather not read.

To add someone to your "foe" list, first click on the Profile button above, just beneath "For those who are tired of losing discussions to the Show 50 More".

Then click the Friends and Foes tab (fifth tab from the left.)

Scroll to the bottom of the page to locate the Foes List and either enter the user name you want to ignore into the Add as Foe field, or use Find a user name to locate the name.

Click Add to save the list and you're done!

Note that you will not see any posts written by the people on your "Foes" list.

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